The bird's eye view perspective is not enough...

To make the right portrait, you will need something more than a chair for the model,
a tripod and a good camera. You will need a photographer that makes the right

It is just the same with aerial photography. The simple fact someone knows how to
fly the aircraft or use the professional camera does not mean they will take good
aerial pictures. And 'good' means  'useful for the client' – documenting investments,
promoting places and regions, or decorating interiors.

The aeroMedia photographer studied architecture at university.
This means he feels the space and knows how to communicate by pictures.
He will serve you with advice on the time of day, lighting, height and direction,
so that the pictures perfectly serve your aims. He knows how to expose  objects
and emphasize their qualities. He also understands what kind of photo
documentation you need on planning, executing and closing the investment.

He is a pilot with almost two decades of experience in flying.
Kacper Kowalski – the Aeromedia photographer – is a multiple winner and record
holder in sports flying (unpowered paragliding). Thanks to this, he moves freely
in the air space and precisely chooses the right shooting spots. He knows when
it is good to fly or rather stay on the ground. Sport titles prove his class as the pilot.

Prizes, Publications, Exhibitions and Patrons.
For his aerial photography, Kacper Kowalski has been awarded by the top Polish
and international photography contests, including World Press Photo.
His pictures were published in The Sunday Times, New Scientist, National Geographic,
The Guardian, GEO, and many others. These publications and awards, together with
individual exhibitions all around Europe, may serve you as the guarantee of
Kacper's craftsmanship in photography.

Documented portfolio.
The documented portfolio proves that you do not pay for random pictures
that show something from the bird's eye view, but for the consciously and precisely
taken photos. They will be the photos that will meet your highest expectations
and serve you as the best quality basis for further plans – projects and promotional
and advertisement activities.

We solicit your cooperation.

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