Making a customized photo session

A photo archive

aeroMedia's photo archive has over a few hundred thousand pictures.
If you are looking for specific pictures just contact us and we will check it.
It is possible this topic has already been worked on.

A customized photo/film session

Aerial photo and film sessions are priced individually. The cost depends
on a number of factors, such as the location and character of the object,
the time of the session and the aim of the pictures. Once we have this
information we give you the technology and budget proposal.

Our photo equipment

Digital technology
cameras: Nikon D3X, Nikon D4, Nikon D800,
the file size: 25 and 36 megapixels (tiff 70-140mb)

Analogue technology:
camera Mamiya 7II. The pictures are taken on slides. A single scan has
180 megapixels and may be used for printouts of any size and for special purposes. :)

What do we fly with

We have our own, two-crewmen autogyro “Coguar”, produced by a Spanish
company Ela. We fly on this autogyro at any weather unless it rains.
Strong winds and temperature do not limit us in any way. An open cockpit
and a tandem construction give us an unlimited access to the space and framing.
To learn more about autogyros visit here.

Paragliders and powered paragliders.
We have a number of paragliders and powered paragliders. With proper weather
conditions we produce marvellous visual effects from them.

Models, octocopters, drones and little helicopters.
After tests and trial pictures we quit using models to take photographs.
The effects were unsatisfactory  and too accidental, the movement in space
unsteady and the risk of “escape”  too big (which may be dangerous for people).
We prefer to watch the world  ourselves from the air, being physically there
and seeing everything from  the bird's eye view – to make decisions based
on the direct work with the object. And in case of emergency – safely land
in a controlled area.

In most cases remotely controlled models may be useful for those of you
who only need to see something form the air in amateur quality, or when
conventional flight is not possible and you need photos very close to the object
or in the space (between buildings, in forest or in house).

Aircrafts and helicopters.
In some cases we make use of other pilots  and their machines. We can offer
you to fly with helicopters Robinson 22 and Robinson 44, and Skyranger aircraft.

Fly with us!
With large orders, you can join us for trial flight (to discuss the topic from being
above the object).
It is also possible get a voucher for a flight to in another time,
feel the joy of flying :)

We solicit your cooperation!

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